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News from a Weight-Loss Clinic Near Me

My neighbor went to a weight-loss clinic near me. She drank a gross concoction everyday for a couple months and lost a lot of pounds. What happened next is no surprise. When the weight-loss program was over, and she could eat normally again, all the weight came back.

Weight-loss programs: New ones seem to crop up every week. American culture insists that we all get small and sleek and thin. Fad diets and fat-burning remedies abound.

At the same time, media (social and otherwise) taunts us with cheap, easy, sugar-filled fast food and candy at every turn. It’s a set up for failure we rarely question or abandon.

But even when you’re cynical about the diet industry, you still want to feel good in your body. You want to feel healthy. And if it turns out that you need to lose weight to do so, how do you know what program, advice, or tips will work? And last?

A Weight-Loss Clinic Near Me

In the central and northern Virginia region, you’ve got weight-loss experts to turn to. UVA Health can give you guidance on medical weight loss, so that you stay realistic and meet your health goals. From nutrition to bariatric surgery, we provide you the latest fact-based information and services.

Form a long-lasting, positive relationship with your body, movement, and food. Browse these tips and stories from our experts to get started.

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