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heart attack, winter
Cold Weather Can Take a Toll On Your Heart
General Health 1/16/2018

Before most of us venture out into the cold, we protect our hands with gloves, cover our head with a hat and slip on a warm coat. But did you know that it’s also important to protect your heart when temperatures drop?

yoga, medical yoga
Do Yoga Anytime, Anywhere with this Video video post
Exercise, Videos 10/3/2017

Within the past decade, yoga has infiltrated not only Western culture, but also Western medicine. That’s because the more we learn about this ancient practice, the more we realize its benefits go far beyond flexibility and muscle toning. Multiple studies have shown that yoga can positively impact the body in…

olive oil
Should You Splurge on Virgin? Get the Skinny on Olive Oils
Nutrition 6/27/2017

You’ve likely gotten the message loud and clear: olive oil is the go-to pick in the kitchen over animal fats like butter. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which olive oil is best? We asked registered dietitian Katherine Basbaum to give us the lowdown. Why…

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