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cardiology, heart
When to See a Cardiologist
General Health 8/8/2016

When it comes to caring for your heart, sometimes it’s necessary to call in an expert, aka a cardiologist or physician trained in identifying and treating conditions of the heart and vascular system. To help you determine exactly when and why you should see a cardiologist, we asked Lawrence Gimple,…

canola oil
The Canola Oil Controversy
Nutrition 4/26/2016

Learn more about the misconceptions and the many health benefits of canola oil, one of the most versatile cooking oils available.

sugary drinks
Are Sugary Drinks Worse Than Dessert?

People often forget about the hidden calories in beverages. Drinks often can be loaded with sugar, and studies have shown that increased consumption of these sugary drinks is associated with the rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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