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Get the latest health news from UVA hospital. Learn about current events, clinical trials, medical research taking place here in Charlottesville.

UVA Couric Center, cancer research
Research Roundup: January 2016
News & Events 2/3/2016

Record-breaking winter storm Jonas may have dominated the news last month, but in case you missed them, these medical research stories made headlines of their own.

UVA researchers found gut damage causes malnutrition in Bangladesh
Research Roundup: December 2015
News & Events 1/4/2016

This month, we didn’t see sugar plums dancing in our heads; instead, we witnessed the prospects for future scientific marvels, such as the curing of prostate cancer and the creation of kidneys. Death to Prostate Cancer Cells! The Bite-Sized Synopsis: UVA researchers found a link between prostate cancer treatments that…

eggs cooking
Research Roundup, Nov. 2015: Breast Cancer Early Detection video post
News & Events 12/2/2015

This month, researchers announced a key relationship between catching breast cancer early in Appalachian states and a lack of access to primary care and hormone therapy. Researchers also looked at treatment for the deadliest form of brain cancer, controlling cholesterol levels naturally and a new clinical trial to ease symptoms of an enlarged…

How Tom Hanks Manages Type 2 Diabetes
News & Events 11/12/2015

When you think of Tom Hanks, you might think of his iconic performances in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Forrest Gump." But Vim & Vigor, our family health magazine, featured Hanks on the cover for another reason. Like millions of Americans, he has type 2 diabetes. [caption id="attachment_10916" align="alignright" width="350"] Savannah…

Kathleen McManus, MD
Research Roundup, Oct. 2015: Heart Disease Risk for Teens video post
News & Events, Videos 10/30/2015

This month, researchers announced a new diagnostic test that can help physicians predict teenagers’ future risk of developing heart disease. Researchers also looked at the effects of weight-loss surgery, the heart’s reliance on blood sugar, how the Affordable Care Act benefited low-income HIV patients in Virginia and the number of…

breast cancer awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness Month at UVA
News & Events, Videos 10/2/2015

Most people recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But maybe it should be September in Charlottesville. Every Labor Day weekend, 3,500 women run or walk four miles to raise money for UVA breast cancer prevention services, including mammograms for uninsured and low-income women. Along the way, they hear about…

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Stroke Symptoms and Treatment: July 2015 Roundup
News & Events 8/7/2015

Maternity Monday wrapped up this July with information on what to expect after bringing your newborn home from the hospital. [caption id="attachment_10438" align="alignright" width="350"] We recently covered pregnancy and babies, from conception to infant care. Read the Maternity Monday series.[/caption] We also continued our podcasts: Learn the warning signs of…

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New Radiation Guidelines for Prostate Cancer (Podcast Tuesday)
News & Events 7/14/2015

In the past, a prostate cancer patient would typically delay radiation therapy after having his prostate removed. While it was once thought that immediate radiation would cause side effects regarding urinary and sexual function, researchers are now finding that immediate treatment doesn’t contribute to an increased risk of complications. Timothy…

Senior male tennis player drinking water while relaxing on court
Exercise and Overhydration: How Much Water Is Too Much?
News & Events 7/9/2015

For years, I’ve followed the you-can’t-drink-too-much-water adage, especially when exercising. I’m the person accidentally kicking my water bottle during pilates and heading straight for the water station after 5Ks. But new sports medicine guidelines indicate that actually, you can overhydrate while exercising, and the subsequent low salt levels in your…

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